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Elevate your space with timeless elegance and exquisite craftsmanship – where luxury meets design perfection
It was the year 1983 that witnessed the inception of Maison Du Luxe, A renowned name for bespoke luxury furniture and high quality designs across the country, as a small-time business conceived from a lifelong hobby with a penchant for art and design. We proudly offer one of the most magnificent and the best luxury furniture and furniture solutions in a wide variety of materials that add a glamorous touch and regal appeal to it. Apart from creating furniture marvels of its own, We also provide turnkey interior solutions and specific unit production of specialty articles for designers and architects that are eco-friendly and sustainable, with more than 500 projects pan India and abroad, Our clientele includes elite businessmen like Oswals, Munjals of Hero Motors, Aroras of Kohinoor Rice amongst renowned architects and interior designers.
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Every project is meticulously crafted, managed, and executed with exceptional attention to detail. Collaborating with skilled craftsmen and employing bespoke techniques, we deliver unparalleled excellence in design and execution